A Simple Print Campaign
For Citroën and Rip Curl

Why it wasn’t so simple. And the complex work that went into it.

Some Gnarly Surf Types Being Rad

Don’t act like a hodad*

*A non-surfer who pretends to surf


Dogs, Horses and Oh No, Not Big or Clever KOSH


Hawaiian Please

Phil Roberts

Preliminary Sketches from Fieldey (l) and Phil Roberts (r) — Wooooooaaaaahhh!

If The Art Is Genuine,Then Make Sure The Canvas Is As Well.

We started to get all these amazing concepts and preliminary sketches from out artists and we quickly realised that we couldn’t just plonk them on any old board. If we wanted to make the C4 Cactus shine, we needed shiny new boards to put our art on.

The Adams Family
Our Boards Being Sculpted At A Genuine Newquay Shapers
Fieldey Doing That Thang That She Does

Hold On. We Should Be Filming All This.

So we did. There was too much great stuff going on, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to document it all. We supplied our artists with GoPros, so they could record their design process.

Why Just Stop At Print?

Our campaign was snowballing now. So we got a production company (Vince) on board to shoot at Adams Surfboards and film our C4 Cactus Rip Curl on location in Newquay. We weren’t just making print now, we were make films for Youtube, Instagram and Facebook, as well online advertising.

One of Many Online Spots

Don’t Forget To Shoot The Print Though. It’s Your Job.

All of this content we were generating was of course leading up to shooting our boards. Putting them in real surfing locations, not only created beautiful images but it allowed us to add some utility to our posters. Each execution contained the beach where it was shot, its GPS coordinates, the type of waves that occurred there and the swell size. We made beautiful advertising that also had a purpose.

Phil Roberts — DPS
Fieldey — Full Page

Do It For The Kids

We’d created a multi-award winning campaign that had sold a raft load of cars**. But what now? We felt we could do one final thing. We were in possession of three desirable pieces of one-off art. And although we wanted to keep them, it’d be much more fulfilling to auction them off and give the proceeds to charity.

I’m No Expert, But That Looks Easy
Wave Project Posters

writer, artist, poet, liar, creative http://www.christianandandy.com

writer, artist, poet, liar, creative http://www.christianandandy.com