Germans celebrate the reunification of the German nation, December 1990.

An indefatigable tide of nationalism is engulfing the world. It is everywhere and in everything-Trumplandia, Post-Brexit Britain, Kurz’s Austria, Erdogan’s Turkey, even far-right fringe organisations here in Australia — to name a few examples.

There is no doubt that nationalism has a bad name. Western liberals often like to drag the ideology through the mud, vilifying it as a metastasis of xenophobia and racism associated with the far-right. Often, its name has inescapable connotations with 20th century cataclysms, from two world wars to ethnic cleansing in Armenia and the Holocaust. When war and conflict broke out in the past, nationalism…

Your own DNA can be found at a crime scene even if you were never present

Ever since the emergence of DNA profiling in criminal investigations in the early 1980s, DNA forensics has revolutionised criminal justice. It has not only prosecuted the guilty, but also exonerated the wrongfully convicted, cementing it’s place in modern justice as the ‘gold standard’ in criminal prosecution. Experts have told us that the perpetrators of crimes will leave traces of DNA at the crime scene, and if found in small amounts, the evidence can be used to identify the perpetrator. …

Massimo Cannatelli

18 year old freelance writer.

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