The Italian Style

The iPhone 6 Plus is out in the US (and other countries), but not yet here in Italy.

I will pick up one when, finally, come also in my country but, as usual, my mind blowing when I go to compare prices.

Here the US ones, picked up from Apple online store:

And here the Italian ones, also picked up from Apple online store:

I got the contract-free prices basically because the kind of phone contracts available in those two countries are really different.

But, we can now see some differences between prices at current conversion. Today 1 EURO(€) is 1,29$ (rounded up, real value is €1,00 = $1,2854).

First of all, here the prices here in Italy if we can obtain a real conversion of the U.S. prices in Euro:

And, here the real conversion from Italian prices:

So, every price, here in Italy, is over 1.000 dollars.
I know Italy is considered one of the most phone-addicted countries, but WTF?

So, if you plan to make a vacancy and come here in Italy we can offer great food, great landscapes and really welcoming peoples, but I suggest to buy your new iPhone in another country.

Originally published at on September 21, 2014.

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