What to Look For in a Storage Unit

When a family needs a place to store its prized possessions, it can be difficult to choose the right Storage Units in Bronx. The experts say that along with considering the price and size of a storage unit, potential tenants should look for other qualities as well. Read on for tips on choosing a storage facility.

Look for a Facility With Strong Customer Service

The first time a potential customer contacts a storage facility, whether it’s by phone, email, or in person, they’ll find out how visitors are treated. A good facility manager should greet every visitor in a professional, friendly manner and answer questions efficiently and thoroughly. If the manager doesn’t give straight answers, or if the facility itself isn’t organized, customers should look elsewhere.

Find a Hands-On Management Team

When choosing a storage unit, visitors should see a manager who interacts with customers and solves their problems. Ideally, the manager should live on site. When the manager is always around, they’re more equipped to resolve customers’ issues and address their concerns.

Choose a Clean Facility

The condition of the storage facility’s office should give customers a clue as to the cleanliness of the rest of the place. Offices should be clean, as should bathrooms, and managers should be neatly dressed and well groomed. When staff and managers look presentable, it tells customers that their belongings will be cared for in a comparable manner.

Look for Tight Security

No one wants their stuff to be stolen, and customers should look for facilities with good security. A secure storage facility should have computerized gates, security cameras, and plenty of lighting. As mentioned earlier, it also helps to have a manager on-site. Facilities should screen potential tenants, asking them for ID and a current address to ensure they’re not just planning to break in.

All Storage Units in Brooklyn are different, and a customer’s choice will depend mostly on their needs and budget. For instance, if a customer simply needs to store some garage sale leftovers, the price may be a bigger consideration. For more information or to rent a unit, call the office today.

Storage Units in Brooklyn

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