Courtesy of Cincinnati JavaScript User Group

Finally Attended a Meetup

A long overdue experience

A couple of days ago, I finally got the opportunity to attend a Meetup. Yeah, I know, I started learning to code in March 2016, so you’d think I’ve been to many by now. But every time I thought I’d be able to attend one, something always came up. Not this time. It was finally going to happen!

Location: Gaslight

Gaslight is among the top software/web development consultants in Cincinnati. They have a start-up feel to them, with a very friendly almost laid-back atmosphere, but don’t let that fool you. They do some serious work. Their clientele is very diverse — from start-ups to even Fortune 100/500 companies. Their office is located in the heart of downtown Cincinnati, making it very easily accessible, as are most places in the Queen City. The tech scene is rapidly growing here in Cincinnati, and Gaslight is one of the leaders for sure.

Group and Topic

The event was hosted by the Cincinnati JavaScript User Group (Cinci JS). They tend to have monthly gatherings to talk about all things JavaScript, as one would guess from their name. This time, an apprentice developer from Gaslight gave a presentation on a few of his favorite CodePens. Of the ones he talked about, the last was the most fascinating. He connected his cello via a contact microphone to his computer and proceeded to interface with the CodePen in real time. He acted as the conductor of an orchestra, playing a piece of music called “In C” by Terry Riley. This unique arrangement is one of repetition and individuality. One person begins and plays through the piece. Every other instrument can begin whenever they want and in turn play through the piece. My music background (hobbyist, not trained) was totally on board.

As I said, the CodePen made him the conductor, or rather, the initiator of playing the piece. There were a number of repeaters enabled, 50 in this case, that would begin to repeat (via his mic’ed up cello) at random intervals. Mind blown. Code + music is so cool. I highly recommend looking up this piece. Here is a link for the CodePen he demonstrated it on. Anyone can try it out!

Parting Thoughts

For a first Meetup, I think it was pretty cool. Everyone was super friendly. The people who came were pretty diverse, which I really appreciated. Some were self taught, some had been coding a LONG time, some were from other firms, and some were even graduates from a different bootcamp. And hey, they fed us with Donatos Pizza (if you’re not from Ohio, Columbus-based Donatos is super delicious).

I was able to have a friend of mine go with me, which I highly recommend — it’s nice to have someone you know there. We each had chances to network with different people, so it was a win-win. My friend and I both agreed that we need to make this more of a regular habit.

Lastly, I just wanted to thank Gaslight for hosting the event, and I look forward to future Meetups!