People often say Move fast, break things when talking about software development when they should really say Move fast, break things and wait for CI. As projects grow in size, time spent building and testing on continuous integration systems like Jenkins, CircleCI and Travis balloons and tends to quickly outgrow time spent writing code. Even though build machines handle the heavy lifting of CI, a long, unoptimized build process still represents a bottleneck for development velocity: you can’t merge before you pass CI.

Relevant XKCD

If you disregard some of the more complex aspects of CI, you can reduce build pipeline optimization…

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On Christmas day, The New York Times published an interesting piece on cashless business, lauding the move toward a cashless society. Few New York eateries are discussed, and in each case, customers note how unusual it is for physical currency to be non grata. While phasing out cold hard cash in favour of credit/debit cards and mobile app-based payment streamlines the customers’ experience purchasing goods and services and simplifies the bookkeeping processes on the providers’ side, the emphasis on convenience obscures bigger concerns, namely the evergrowing reliance on technology and the gradual erosion of privacy, which were left unaddressed.

“In any case, the machine was down.”


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