Hello, my name is Michael Cavanagh. I was born on March 22, 2000. I love animals and throughout my life I have had 4 cats and 1 dog, and currently I have 1 cat named Shelby. My parents names are Deborah and Michael which makes me a junior. From preschool to 3rd grade I went to St. Emily’s and then transferred to St. Raymond’s. From 5th to 8th grade my two main sports were cross country and track. I have always loved track which is why I continued it into highschool. Although in highschool I completely changed to my main event in track from sprints to pole vaulting. My summer life includes hanging with my friends, going to Wisconsin, going on road trips, and working at meadows pool lifeguarding.


This music video and song is just plain awesome. I love the song and so do my friends so there we go.

Met Tom Cassell at wood field. Awesome YouTube gamer/vlogger that inspires me to do more.
Carter Raymond is a very inspiring person. His unique love for Chris brown, Halloween, sweatshirts, and cooking is some thing that is hard not to be inspired from.
My dad, Mike Cavanagh, is one of the most inspiring people in my life. He’san awesome guy, works hard, shows me how to do everything, and gives me hope.
This picture represent what I kind of want my life to be like. I want to be with friends going out and doing awesome stuff like bungee jumping and thrill seeking.
My perception of life starts out with all children becoming educated, this picture shows children starting off their life the right way and going to school.
I believe the next most important part in life is having friends. I believe friends are truly the key to happiness and throughout all of school you should make the most of having these friends because they you won’t be together forever.
After the first two parts of life I believe everyone must work for something. Either money or just to do something but after becoming successful and working, which is my plan, you decide what awesome things to do with your life after that.
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