What I‘m looking for in online dating

As a single woman in her late 20s, I would consider myself to be a primary user for many online dating apps & sites. However, I think there are still quite a few missing features that keep me from regularly using apps like Bumble & Match to help me on my quest for love. I’ve included ideas for 3 additional features I would love to see from the next big dating app that hits the market. What do other single folk out there think?

1) Hyper geo-matching: Personally, I don’t love the idea of “blind dates” or meeting up with someone you have never met before in-person. I find it awkward and I don’t think conversation flows as easily. I’ve been on a handful of dates where I met the guy through Tinder or Bumble and have never been on a follow up date.

However, I have no problem meeting someone out at a bar or party and striking up a conversation. This feels much more natural to me. I would love to be able to get a notification that previous or potential match is within the same vicinity as me, making it much easier to facilitate a spontaneous, “in the moment” meetup.

2) Personal Matchmaker Upgrade: I get incredibly tired of online dating after about 5 minutes of left/right swiping. I would be willing to pay a premium to get access to a personal matchmaker who chats with me for 15 minutes, gathers my likes & dislikes and then goes out into the pool of available men to find likeminded folk who are also willing to go the extra mile for a better match.

I know that matchmaker services already exist but they are often cost prohibitive and geared toward an older audience. There also isn’t a great tech solution for this time of service. It would be great to see an app bring this type of feature into their fold for people who are more serious about commitment but not able to drop $500 per match!

3) Chatbot suggestions to start the conversation: One of the biggest pain points for me with online dating is how to initiate a conversation. I don’t really analyze the messages I receive from a guy as long as it’s not creepy, but I am literally sweating & fretting whenever I try to think of the 1st thing to say to someone, a necessity if you are on Bumble since only women are allowed to initiate the convo. I would love it if there was a little messenger bot that popped up with some inspiration for funny one liners or conversation starters. It would be such a stress reliever!

Dating should be fun & exciting but these days I find it daunting & overwhelming. I think additions like these would make the idea of online dating much easier to swallow and also something to look forward to. Any other ideas on how to make online dating more enjoyable?

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