Raw Milk Is Bad And Will Make You Literally Die
Gid M-K; Health Nerd

I found this article lacking in information that would be useful to me. I don’t find unannotated hyperlinks to research reports to be particularly useful, and I did not find the subjective comments to be of any value. How do researchers scientifically determine exactly what constitutes a nutrient and what does not?

To put this subject on an objective basis, I would think you would need to at least acknowledge that large portions of the human population have been consuming raw milk for thousands of years without apparent harm.

If some modern milk, particularly that which is industrially produced, contains dangerous pathogens (as well as other things you might well not want to touch if you were aware that they were present), that is not the milk’s fault. But then the article does not consider the possibility that there might be different grades of milk, of varying quality, coming from different sources.

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