Contributor Guidelines for PoetsUnlimited

Hello Otaross,

I tried to submit a poem for publication in Poets Unlimited on Dec. 1st but had trouble posting it in the format I wanted. I originally wrote it in four line Stanzas but each time I submitted it for publication it posted in a line for line format.

I received help from Mateusz at Medium support and explained my problem. He provided a copy of my poem with no spaces between lines and suggested I copy and paste it back into the new story page and then try to edit it again. I did this and it seemed to register with an extra space between Stanzas.

I also went through the process of submitting it for Poetry unlimited but was confounded by ideas like what my user name should be. I was later told that my own name with an @ before it would suffice. However I did provide a URL leading to where my poem was published on my Medium Feed, and did receive a finished notice when done.

Since you must have many poems to examine, and might be swamped because too few people are on the Poets Unlimited staff, I can understand why it may not have been accepted for publication yet, but since I did try and submit it on on Dec. 1st when you were open for new submissions it would be a bummer to have to wait for the next open period in July. So please help me if you can to have my poem accepted as part of the Dec 1st submissions.

My poem is “Malala Is Here,” and can be found at this URL:

I noticed that several copies were posted on my own feed, but still had a line by line double spaced format. My posting probably includes several copies since each time I tried to edit unsuccessfully the previous effort was (without my knowledge) also recorded. I also did not provide a photo along with my poem, since I was unsure of how to post a picture taken from somewhere else on the web and into Poetry Unlimited, and also didn’t want to pay to use one.

I would be appreciative if you were able to help me publish my poem as part of the December 1st submissions since that is when I tried to have it published in Poetry Unlimited. I am now 65 years old and only got into computers a few years ago. I find many aspects of the digital world confusing and cannot understand concepts that younger people may have grown up knowing about.


Peter W. Johnson