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My guess is that Scaramucci has been picked as a sort of rodeo clown designed to distract critics of Tump and drag attention away from the wild ride the Trump administration has us all on. And Trump’s loyal supporters seem to revel in the bad boy images that both Trump and his God Father like protector project.

If one has any sense of decency at all, one has to wonder what kind of role models those in Trump’s administration are presenting to our kids — they make the charisma of playground bullies seem like normal fare, and its almost as if they think of Trump and Scaramucci like a couple of the cool kids who gather with them at noon hour to smoke cigarettes behind the gym.

I only hope that all of this madness eventually collapses into itself and reveals the new swamp that Trump has built out of billionaires and relavtives who are strategically positioned to take more and more from the poor and give more and more to the wealthiest among us. The dream his supporters have been duped into believing will most likely end with a burning tale spin into scandal and corruption — if it hasn’t already.

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