A Defense of Climate Tragedy, or What the Scientists Got Wrong about “The Uninhabitable Earth”
Genevieve Guenther

One has to wonder if even the tendency to exaggerate the dangers posed by AGW is essential and needed? Many of the models used by climate scientists have proven to be very accurate, and in some cases may be underestimating the effects of Co2 on the environment. If no one knows for sure what will happen, couldn’t we assume that being pessimistic or even being a doomsayer will help us better survive in the long run?

Let’s remember that we could lose over a million species by the end of this century, species which interact with many others as part of the delicate web of life. So we really don’t know how much environmental devastation these extinctions could cause once the permafrost begins to release gasses like methane while the Arctic ice melts and accelerates man made global warming to new and unanticipated levels.

When careening towards a sheer cliff, driving along a curvy mountain road, who is better to heed — someone saying “let's just not worry so much,” or someone who screams bloody murder as we hurry towards certain doom?Screaming alarmists may have sure knowledge of the roads in that area, and thus have good reasons to be fearful. So, isn’t that alarmist an educated and knowledgeable climate scientists, who we need to listen to?

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