What you remember is irrelevant, I provided you the facts and even quoted the New York Times saying…
Louis Weeks

You told me the article you referenced was an Editorial in the New York Times, but you failed to provide the month, day, year, or author of that article. I very reasonably tried to run a search for it but that search failed. So I can only assume that because you refuse to give me a link, that means the editorial you mentioned either does not exist or does not confirm that the media and/or Democrats completely blamed Palin.

All I did was suggest that those who commit mass shootings or target specific politicians and/or celebrities are just plain crazy, and that they would claim they had a divine mission to assassinate Donald duck if that’s what they believed. Yet you have been so angered by the suggestion that such shootings are not politically motivated, that I assume you have some personal reason to be angered. However, scapegoating Democrats or the media as being completely responsible does not have much to do with facts. Both parties have made such suggestions, and the media has reported on these shootings for many years, with different journalist expressing different opinions, but your attempt to imply that Democrats or the media are completely culpable in some sort of partisan inspired propaganda effort is truly just another theory and just another way to scapegoat Scalise’s shooting by blaming it on Liberals. If that’s your contention then its you who need to provide evidence to prove it. If you choose not to respond, then that’s your prerogative, but at least my comments will remain as an indication that your comments are not beyond error.