The Gap Trail — July 2015

Day 0

I’m getting ready to ride my bike from Pittsburgh to Washington DC.

Since I haven’t started riding yet, all a I can write about is what I packed.


  • Two bike jerseys (because the back pockets are awesome)
  • Two pairs of bike shorts (with padding for my bum)
  • Lightweight waterproof (not water resistant) outerwear with many vents and pockets (clearance sale at REI, but I need to buy the hood separately)
  • Keen sandals (for rocking the normcore dad look) & a pair of flip-flops
  • A t-shirt, and a pair of sport shorts & shirt (from Uniqlo because their fabrics are from the FUTURE)
  • Three pairs of ankle socks (I’m not sure why, but I did) and a few pairs of underwear (for post-ride comfort and such)
  • Swimsuit (did someone say Cumberland hot tub?)
  • Toiletries (especially floss for getting into that one spot in the back of my mouth)


  • Bianchi Volpe retrofitted with fenders, a small saddle bag, and a rack on the back (my whip is the illist)
  • Two Ortlieb back rolling panniers (they are amazing, kept everything dry when I rode through 6 hours of steady rain)
  • Saddle bag for carrying a spare tube, a shitty bike tool, and a patch kit (I really want to get a better bike tool)
  • Kryptonite bike lock (the key has a crazy blue LED light that shines like a laser-gun)
  • A very bright bike light that has a battery charged with USB (not sure how I feel about the USB charger for touring)
  • A bell for communicating non-verbally and expressing excitement (to slow people)
  • Bike pump (very important item that will hopefully not be used)


  • Kindle for book reading (it has a long battery life…or at least is supposed to…my kindle doesn’t work very well)
  • GAP/C&O trail book (in case I get lost)
  • iPhone, charger, and crazy little folding Bluetooth keyboard (so I can blog from the trail!)
  • Headphones (yup, I violated my no-headphones policy and got a very long book on tape for passing the time on the trail)
  • Chamois Butt’r (is amazing)
  • My wallet (so I can buy food and stay in hotels because this is a fancy-pants trip)


  • Peanut butter & jelly & banana (nectar of the gods)
  • Hella Cliff Bars (I hope I don’t get tired of them)
  • Two sandwich bags of trail mix (for when I can’t eat another Cliff bar)
  • A couple Kind Bars & other sweet bars for a sugar rush (for emergency use only)
  • Some crazy weird bottle of electrolyte magic water from Giant Eagles (I only bought it cause it has a tall narrow bottle that fits on my bike)

Ok. I’m tired now. Goodnight.

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