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I was wondering what it would feel like to be this far.

I’m so far now.

Further than I ever thought I’d be.

I wanted to live there, back there.

But, violent silence and comfort pushed me here.

To the brink.

Fore the way back to you is finally dead.

May it rest in pieces and ash.

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Flexible and strong were the roots
that breeched my feet and
sowed themselves into the ground beneath.

From the Mountains of Xìan
to the Panamanian Reefs.

I made 10 instantaneous short
yet deep breathes like I had never lived;
it was orgasmic.

at the same time,

How much you will lose
when you commit
to gain is traumatic.

Commit, despite old habits.

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I like it when you recognize that what your thinking and feeling creates your reality I like it when you acknowledge that your perspective is simply that, yours I like it when you don’t try to make others think as you do I like it when you create positive momentum and it passes from you to everyone you interact with I like it when you allow the past to pass I like it when you notice your mental thoughts, but don’t let them control you I like it when you discern your vibrations and choose the higher vibes I like it when you think a better thought, think a better thought I like it when you are aligned with your true self and you like it too, dontcha?

Random thoughts inspired by Abraham



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A story…..

There is only one soulmate left in the world. Dystopia is wide-spread, yet, no one seems to notice. Several last moments of love and we blew through them like left swipes on Tinder.

“Tell me what you want in a partner?” Someone asked.

“Presence,” another one pled.

Three little queer boys, play hide and seek in a church. One hides under a pew, the other in the confessional, the last sought out his friends as he hide his identity in the depths of his soul.

There is only one soulmate left in the world, no one seems to care. She’s alone in love with love, duplicating her modality until she creates her second.

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I never identified with The Bird
But The Cage....

I said I made space for you
I even provided a door for your security
I gave you your necessities, daily
I watched you grow.
You never asked for more, until you did.
I swung my gate open without hesitation,
And you flew through my entrance like a portal.
I still watch you from an immeasurable distance.
You often speak of me.
You sing to everyone of your dreadful time with me.
You endlessing replicate your rife.
As though without me you have no other song.
As though you never left.

This piece is about remaining present. We often lack onto past pain as though without it, we are ourselves. Break free and never look back.

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Always right before the finish line,

empathizing with the other losers.

Lets build a protest to distract ourselves from our lack of will power, VIVA LOS SNOOZERS!

Always right before the finish line,

Disappointing my potential.

Loathing my loathing,

Discrediting my credentials.

Always right before the finish line,

Camping out with the other low minds.

Licking each others healed wombs, validating each other’s self crimes.

Always right before the finish line, one day I’ll find the temperance.

But, this day, I’ll appease my hinderance.

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