Overrated IT Consultants With Serious Obligations At Home

If you’re an IT Consultant or Contractor like me, and have major responsibilities, this is a read for you and some of you may be able to relate.

For example; you (marriage/kids). Myself, mortgage and other important bills. If our contract ends at any time; while the company not giving us enough time to build up a 401k…let alone save money for when that rainy day comes (being out of work), what is the plan?

This issue is becoming a domino effect and every time I feel like I have a great job “a contract” that actually pays well and I’m getting caught up with bills..then it stops. I’m back to square one with bills being behind. My bill collectors are like…why are you making late payments. In their world; they don’t understand the contract world…it doesn’t make sense to them at all, let alone comprehend in their vocabulary and we get stuck with late fees. Personally I feel something has got to give especially for people that are employed; with that one discrepancy that we may lose our jobs because the contract ends/there’s no more budget; they have to let us go. I don’t have any control over that!

As oppose to someone not having a job at all which is a whole other ball game.

I just feel like ever since I bought my home in 2008 when the market crashed (so unexpected), I’ve been playing catch up. Unsteady jobs; good pay but temporary. Catching up with bills, but stopping payments because the contract ends.

I know in Europe, contractors hire accountants who help them in this particular scenario where they get more of a tax return as they file as consultants. I don’t know if they have this in the U.S though. I’ve even asked my mortgage lender if they have any 30 year fix plans catered to consultants to possibly lower my mortgage every month, or will allow me a 6 month hold where I don’t have to pay my mortgage until I find the next gig within that 6 month time frame. There’s like nothing like this out there hat I know of and it’s a big issue.

I just feel like reaching out to President Obama about this concern but I just wanted to get your perspective of this. I’m 10 years into my career, and on a side note…in order to make a descent salary at my age and level of experience, I shouldn’t have to leave my home and settle in another state (up north = bigger salary) just so that I can pay my mortgage and catch up with bills quicker. That’s absurd but I do what I have to do to keep my home.

We have the option to go permanent, but I feel like maybe in a decade that was 20yrs ago. The Consulting world has taken over and companies are more subjective to it than ever.

Don’t get me wrong, I have applied to positions directly on a company’s website. I’ve gone through so many third round interviews; gotten great feedback from the HR department, and I have a dozen people (previous managers) who can vouch for my work but haven’t gotten hired yet permanently. I think it has a lot to do with my consulting background. Hiring managers may feel more comfortable to hire someone who doesn’t have a consultancy background. They want to make sure that the candidate won’t leave them hanging at the end of the day.

At the end of the day, we don’t have a choice but to take consulting jobs. Even when I go on interviews, it’s purely insulting and embarrassing when the hiring manager asks me why do I have such short periods of work on my resume. I look at them like..really you’re asking me this question??? You are the cause of this happening! Hire me permanently, and there won’t be any gaps..how about that!

If they’ve welcomed this question during an interview and I’ve blatantly and throughly explain why there are gaps; then what is the issue. Why have I not been hired permanently?

I’m just over it! This has been going on for 10 years of my life…and this has affected me greatly in my career and personal life. Within those 10 years, I’ve had just about 15 jobs which is ridiculous, and my resume is 8 pages long!

Now, I haven’t even touched on my self-being yet! The worry-some, stress and anxiety…wondering if I will get laid off not only affects my health but also your work performance! Who can really effectively be alert; let alone be at ease not knowing if your job is secure?

I’ve suffered an extensive amount of anxiety and depression over the past few years and what’s helped me is being around family, going to the spa, having my stash of calming teas and Tylenol packets in my office draw and exercising like crazy! I can’t remember the last vacation I’ve been on because as soon as a job ends, I’m so busy trying to land the next opportunity just so that I can stay afloat. But I’m still late and behind on bills, but at least I now have a job to start paying them off right? Wrong! This is a temporary solution but not really the solution. That’s not a “peace of mind” way of living folks and something has got to give!

So as for my financial debt; any suggestions anyone on how I could relieve myself of this heartache and constant issue that’s like a revolving door.

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