Campaign Analysis

Evaluation on 2 chosen campaigns that utilise the use of New Media.

Coca Cola Christmas Campaign

Coca Cola have always used Christmas as a huge marketing oppurtunity changing their logo, websites and last year, 2015, their product to be more Christmas themed.

Coca Cola TV Advert

The Coca Cola TV Christmas Advert to a lot of people is the staple of the run up to Christmas. Coca Cola have created a very successful Christmas campaign every year that most people world wide can relate to. The advert is the highlight of the campaign as it involves the trademark Coca Cola Santa delivery trucks. The advert itself gives a very vintage and nostaligic feel to it which will create a heartwarming feeling for people who grew up drinking Coca Cola. The advert is always geared around the magic of Christmas which is a success thing to incorporate into a Christmas campaign as it involves children and parents. The advert is uploaded to Youtube by Coca Cola on their Youtube page after initial release on television mid November. The adverts do start to feel a little dated as you get older but that also creates a sense of nostalgia which works very well.

Coca Cola Christmas Advert on Youtube Channel

Coca Cola Truck Tour

The Coca Cola truck tour is part of the Christmas Campaign and it gives a chance for fans of the brand to be involved and have their photograph taken with the coca cola trucks. This is a great marketing strategy as it gets customers a first hand chance to get involved with the brand. The truck design itself is based around an od fashioned truck design and it really works with the nostalgia theme mentioned before. The Santa dsign itself features on the truck and it ties in with the christmas logo and the branding as santa himself is drinking a Coca Cola. The design itself is very effective as people instantly recognise santa and Coca Cola and by combining them it really creates a timeless and unforgettable part of the campaign.

Coca Cola Christmas Truck

Coca Cola Website

The website layout is not one of my favourites as it is very cluttered but it does include a lot of relevant information for customers as well as fun information sections including the Coca Cola truck history and previous adverts included in the campaign. The social media link section is very effective as it gives live updates on Coca Cola’s social media pressence and gives customers an easy way to access thier social media pages.

Coca Cola Christmas Webpage

Coca Cola Poster

If you had no idea who Santa Clause was you would have no idea that the 2014 Christmas poster for Coca Cola was actually a Christmas poster and not an ordinary campaign starring a jolly old man. The simplicity sometimes works with Coca Cola usually but at Christmas time I feel that in this poster they lack stereotypical Christmas things like snow etc. As a general poster, the layout of the illustartion and type face is very effective. It gives out a simple message whilst showing the product and a subject enjoying the product. The cut off logo on the top right corner is a little off putting as it feels it has been cropped too neatly.

Lush Fighting Animal Testing Campaign

Lush as a brand have a huge ethos for fighting against the testing of animals on products. This makes the Lush store extremely popular among vegan and vegetarian subcultures. The campaign sets out to shock with public demonstrations showing what animals go through.

Campaign Webpage

The campaign webpage is very simple and shows graphics of people involved in the campaign and a lot of information about what the campaign is about. The amount of information on the webpage is extremely offputting and it would be much more appeaing had it been wittled down into key points instead of huge paragraphs about the campaign. The graphics are very relevant as they include facts about animal testing and are black and white to add to the severity of the subject.

Lush campaign webpage

Campaign Logo

The campaign logo is extremely clever as it shows two rabbits, an animal most commonly used for animal testing, fighting with another rabbit to show that the company are fighting. The type face to go along with the illustration is the same typeface used as the lush logo so it ties in very well with the company’s brand image. The use of red is very powerful as red could signify the blood of the animals which is thought provoking.

Lush Campaign Logo

Campaign Youtube Video

The campaign Youtube video is a graphics based illustrative video with narration. The use of graphics instead of real images is a good idea as the real images of animal testing may shock viewers. The narrator gives out very informative facts about the company and uses a persuasive tone to get viewers to sign the petition aginst animal testing. Tis informative video is very effective as it gives out shocking facts but isn’t too shocking that the viewers will be upset.

Lush Campaign Youtube Video

Campaign Tote Bag

Lush released a tote bag which was sold in stores and profits from the bag’s sales were to help fight against animal testing. The bag was a great idea for merchandise as it was a bold design with a white logo and illustration on black background. The merchandise would be useful for the buyer as the buyer can store things in it as well as it helps raise awareness of the campaign.


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