Small Town, Big Event

The Ole Miss Big Event is a day of service that Ole Miss students dedicate to the Oxford/Lafayette community. This event is also a great way for students and community members to form relationships, all while the students show their appreciation to the community. The idea for the Ole Miss Big Event was formed in 2010, and it has flourished ever since, gaining increasing popularitiy in the last few years.

Jessie Smith, a student at Ole Miss and member of the trasnporation and leadership executive committee, has been involved with the event for a number of years. “The Big Event is one of my favorite parts of the year because it’s a day devoted to saying thak you to the Oxford/Lafayette community that does so much for us as students during our time at the university, and continues to make Oxford such a welcoming environment even after graduation”, says Smith. She said that her involvement with the event has been extremely rewarding, and she enjoys seeing the impact that the students are making within the community.

She was a member of the executive committe last year as well, and when asked about her experience she said, “I loved working as part of the executive committee last year because I got to meet so many members of the community and work with them to make sure the day went smoothly and everyone benefitted from the projects.” While the individual projects may not seem like much, as a whole they make a huge impact on the community.

“Our projects may not be big on their own, but when we combine them all and have so many students out in the community in a lot of different small ways, it really adds up!” -Jessie Smith, executive committee member

The Big Event will be on Saturday, March 25th. If you or anyone you know is interested in volunteering, donating, or registering a project, go to, or sign up on your myOleMiss account.

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