EQ isn’t what you think it is — and it has a dark secret

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Intelligence is as real as the beats of your heart. It’s measured in one of the most valid and reliable psychometrics ever created called an intelligent quotient (IQ) test. Emotional intelligence (EQ), however, is bullshit.

The idea of EQ was popularized by journalist Daniel Goleman — not a psychologist.

Even the name “emotional intelligence” is an oxymoron. Emotions are what don’t want when trying to think intelligently. You aren’t solving a math problem by bursting into tears or completing crossword puzzles in the middle of a laughing fit.

If you’re playing a game of Jeopardy and Alex Trebek asks what is 2x2 —yes, not the most elaborate Jeoporady question — the answer will always be 4. If he asked who created the lightbulb, the answer would be Thomas Edison. Now, if Trebek asked how does this painting make you feel? Or how would you react if your boss said you’re not getting a raise — the answers will run wild. …

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist” — Pablo Picasso

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If you’re looking to elevate your blog, you should start thinking like an immersive journalist. Why? Because immersive journalism is engaging, it separates you from most writers, and you’ll create timeless content. But before you get all giddy about immersive journalism, you need to know the rules and dangers of this style of storytelling.

As writers — not journalists — we can sometimes get lazy with our stories. …

5 proven rules for surviving this year’s event

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There’s no better time to grow out a beard than No-Shave November. This is a month of judgment-free beard growth. Regardless if you can only muster up peach-fuzz, or, conversely, a full Lebron James-type beard by the month, everyone respects the No-Shave November tradition.

No-Shave November was created in 2009 as a way to raise more awareness about men’s health issues. The awareness event was heavily inspired by “Movember” which was created by a group of friends in Australia in 2003.

Now, let’s clear some things up: No-Shave November and “Movember” aren’t the same things. That being said, however, they do pursue the same goal of raising money for charities, spreading awareness about men’s health, and embracing facial hair growth. …


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