In the past few weeks we’ve seen a flood of high growth tech companies filing to go public.

I read through each of these companies’ S-1 filings and pulled out some of the more interesting stats to highlight. To conclude, I also share a few of my broader observations on what this means for the markets, startups, and investors.

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Snowflake S-1

  • Company Description: Snowflake is a full stack cloud data platform.
  • Founded: 2012
  • Customers: 3,117
  • Customer Notes:
    Snowflake has 56 customers paying $1M+ ARR
    - Capital One accounted for 11% of Snowflake’s revenue.
  • Featured Customers: Nielsen, AXA, Capital One, Experian, Stava, Sony, Logitech, Blackboard, Instacart, Adobe, Dropbox, and Akamai. …

We are excited to officially announce Race Capital, a new venture capital fund being led by Alfred Chuang, Phil Chen, Chris McCann, and Edith Yeung.

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Together we have been starting, building, and investing in technology companies across the enterprise, infrastructure, and mobile industries for the past two decades. The four of us are now coming together to partner with exceptional founders who are building meaningful companies that will drive long term societal change across the world.

Operating as a Software Company

We run Race Capital like a software company — with a clear vision for the world, for the economy and for our fund. We operate with the diligence of building a software product and run finance as tight as if it is a public company. …

We are excited to announce that Proof of Capital led the seed round in Midas Labs, an ASIC design company built by the world’s most renowned blockchain hardware experts.

Midas Labs is an ASIC design company specializing in blockchain mining and AI applications. Their proprietary “super hash engine” design enables them to produce the world’s first reprogrammable ASIC chip, initially targeting support for all of the major hashing algorithms for digital assets on a single chip. …


Chris McCann

Partner @RaceCapital, former community lead at Greylock Partners, founder of StartupDigest

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