We’re a small agency who works in website design and marketing in the Mornington Peninsula, a region an hour outside of Melbourne, Australia. We came across Airtable when were were trying to develop a system which would allow us to capture thousands of form submissions, serve as a CRM, and allow us to push directly to a content management system on a clients website. (Thanks to Zapier, Paperform, & Webflow for all talking!)

As you might guess, Airtable knocked this out of the park. …

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Think of your favourite story. Maybe it’s a novel, maybe it’s a movie, maybe it’s even a piece of art. Chances are there is consistent structure running through all of them, no matter what form they take. While every good story might not end with the beautiful girl getting saved by a guy in armour, there are a lot of things consistent in how humans tell stories.

Because before stories were a thing that were put in books and sold as entertainment, they were how we understood the world as humans. They were how we passed on ideas, knowledge, how…

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As it turns out, your website is actually saying a lot. A lot more than what you just have written. On a side note, most people probably won’t be reading 90% of your text either. Well, if they’re not reading text, what are they reading, what else is my site communicating?

What am I getting at? Our attention spans are getting shorter shorter. You might have heard this stated by a TV personality now and again on a breakfast show. If you’re extra observant, you might have noticed this in yourself too and the way you view the world. …

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You need a website. Or maybe you need a new website. You’ll be needing to hire a designer or a developer, but you’re not entirely sure where to start, or what you need to look for when you have a few options to choose from. I mean really, other than making a good website, what should you look for when you’re hiring someone to essentially change how the world sees you and your business online?

While this list won’t be exhaustive, I will definitely outline some important aspects to consider when it comes to hiring web monkeys. On that note…

It’s redundant to say digital has changed business, we all know it has fundamentally changed the way we can interact with our customers.

Perhaps, one reason why is that digital changes the consumer, it changes the expectations. Not only do you have to be the best sock shop on the street, people now have expectations to get your socks delivered to their front door.

While digital offers artists, creatives and small businesses numerous opportunities in all shapes and sizes.

At times it can be tempting to jump right in to digital and try and do everything. Except that’s probably one…

Marcel McCarthy

Creative Director at OneToo. Another New Zealander living the dream in Australia. Enjoys B-Grade films. And socks made by Vanishing Elephant. www.onetoo.com.au

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