Just some of my thoughts and my opinions.

This is my first public post and hope to create more on other topics in the future.

My religious and political beliefs are mine and personal to me, I keep them to myself. I will say I am a straight, single Caucasian male. What is a mystery to me is why religion is continually mixed into politics? The religious right need to worry about their own soles and stop trying to save the soles of people who do not believe the same way. I would like to know how a married same sex couple affects your religious beliefs or your lifestyle? Enough is enough, pray the way you want, believe what you want just stop trying to force people to live and believe the way you think everyone should. The pressing of your beliefs on others is no different from what other religions around the world are doing. The same goes for abortion and birth control. Keep religion out of the decision. Those are personal beliefs not yours or mine.

Although I am single and have no children, some may state I have no right to voice my opinion on this subject, however I believe that in order to achieve racial unity children need to be raised better. We will not see racial unity over night and it will take time. It will not happen if the children of today are not raised to realize all people are equal regardless of race, religion and orientation. While I am on the subject allow me to state that if someone wants to show their pride through a flag which is offensive to others, fly it over your own house that is your right. Offensive “propaganda” has no place over a State House. A State House is a House of the people. I would like to know how many people go to the State House just to see or even take notice of that flag?

Finally I would just like to state that with presidential elections fast approaching, I hope that whoever is elected can save this nation from collapsing. I truly believe that there will be an unparalleled world wide financial crisis if something is not done. Greece and Puerto Rico are already there and I am sure there will be more nations to follow very soon.

Thank you for reading,


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