Day 3 — #spurgeondoc

This morning we left early from Chelmsford north to the small village of Stambourne. It was here that Spurgeon spent a portion of his early childhood as he lived with his Grandparents and was raised in large part by his Aunt. It was quite amazing to come to this little village and get a taste of what the young Spurgeon would have grown up with.

Inside the Congregational Church in Stambourne

This morning and early afternoon we filmed around the Congregational Church where Charles’ grandpa, James Spurgeon was a minister as well as The Manse which is right next to the church building. There were many significant events that happened at these locations, one of them being the the first time Spurgeon was introduced to John Bunyan’s, The Pilgrims Progress, a book that he went on to read over 100 times.

Later in the afternoon we travelled to Kelvedon and filmed at Spurgeon’s birthplace (see photo below).

Getting setup for a shot outside of Spurgeon’s birthplace.

One of the places we will be tomorrow is at the church where Spurgeon was converted — Artillery Street Chapel in Colchester. We appreciate your prayers and support as we trek across the lands where Spurgeon travelled.