Put It Out On The Line And See What Happens

I just signed up for TV + Internet, and they threw in a couple months of HBO for free. Right now they’re playing The Internship basically nonstop. I’ve seen it about 5 times in the last two weeks.

In a lot of ways, I identify with the characters Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are portraying on the silver screen. I have no idea what I’m doing, but I wanted to start building something myself. I’m not a programmer, developer, or designer. But I love technology, startups, and the way the internet can make anything possible.

I started reading some books about how normal, everyday people had the same dream as me — to build an online community, create a unique business, and start living their life on their own terms.

(The books? The Four Hour Work Week, Creativity For Sale, Authority, and Crush it!)

I was instantly inspired. After reading The Four Hour Work Week, I had all sorts of ideas flowing through my head. As with a lot of other changes I wanted to make — it didn’t happen.

So I read Creativity For Sale. This guy was talking about how he wore t-shirts for a living, sold his last name (twice), and earned over $1M doing so. This really got my mind racing. I thought if this guy could make a million bucks wearing t-shirts, why can’t I come up with something?

This also happened to coincide with me losing my job. This is kind of cliché, but it was a blessing in disguise. I finally realized if I didn’t start now, I might never get started. So I put my thinking cap on. Settled on an idea that would make me rich fast. Bought a domain. Signed up for Squarespace. Threw up a site with basically a landing page and two blog posts.

I was really hitting my stride! Then I went out of town for a weekend and didn’t work on it. Then we moved the next weekend and didn’t work on it. Then I came up with another excuse. And another one. Then one more. And then it had been well over a month since I even thought about making a contribution to my awesome idea.

I had lost my momentum. But I was still reading and discovering and learning how to do everything. I just wasn’t applying what I had learned. I read a few more books (Authority & Crush it!) that got my creative juices flowing again, and I started to become inspired again.

But inspiration doesn’t mean anything if you don’t actually follow through on the thing you were inspired to do. I didn’t know exactly how I wanted to go about executing my idea, so I kept stalling. I realized I just needed to make up my mind, figure something out, and put it out on the line. It wasn’t doing any good just sitting there. It was (and still is) a ghost town because there was no reason to come and see it.

If I ever wanted to make my dream become a reality, change my circumstances, and make something happen… I just had to do it. So that’s what I’m going to do. This Sunday, September 7th I’m actually going to put something on whatisthat.co. I’m going to build my personal site. And start working on some other (secretive for the time being) things as well. Because if you never build it, they won’t come. You have to put something out on the line and see what happens.

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