Goodbye America
Clare Lee Bogess

AS long as you live and for a geologically short time thereafter, you will have a carbon footprint simply because you are a carbon based lifeform. Moving to some other country will only transfer your impact on the environment to that country. Zero sum game as far as the planet is concerned. From a somewhat jaded point of view, doing absolutely nothing to mitigate the global warming cycle now occurring may be the best thing for planet earth if it leads to either an intense warming cycle or an ice age. This is because the net result of either will be the eradication of a huge percentage of the population of the extant species currently living here. Any small percentage of that number that survives will do so based on superior strength or intelligence or sheer adaptability, possibly on random chance effects. In any event all this hand wringing about who said what or did what will become irrelevant and the planet will go along its merry way, heating and cooling based on the whims of the universe, and never notice whether we are still here or not. So eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die.

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