Life’s Own Battles…

American Sniper:

As a boy, growing up in Texas involved shooting guns and hunting with his father. Chris Kyle (played by Bradley Cooper), grew up in the country and became one with a killer instinct. As Chris grew up, he became a hard ass. Living in the rodeo life and working as a ranch hand. While struggling to find his own identity and finding who he wanted to be, Chris witnessed the bombings of the U.S. embassy and then decided to enroll to be a Navy SEAL. While at a bar with all his SEAL buddies, Chris met the love of his life and future wife, Taya. After going to war and through four tours of Iraq, Chris had had enough and was going to finally retire and call it quits. Not before he was named the most lethal man in U.S. history and greatest sniper in U.S. history, acquiring 255 kills, and 160 of them being confirmed by the United States Department of Defense.

Superstar actor Bradley Cooper heads the cast in American Sniper. The cast in this movie is pretty average. Could there have been a better cast? Yes, but the acting and script was done so proficiently, that a superstar cast was not needed, just one main actor. This movie is so intense and so raw, it is great. The acting in this movie was done very we well and portrayed Chris Kyle’s life accurately. This movie ran very parallel with Chris Kyle’s autobiography.

This was a different type of film for Bradley Cooper, but I think this has been his best film yet. He does such a good job playing Chris Kyle. The only movie that would relate to the acting quality of Cooper’s would be in the first Hangover. But the two movies could not be more different, Hangover being a comedy, and American Sniper being a biographical war drama. Cooper morphs his acting style in such a way, he puts on a great show and does a fantastic job portraying Kyle. (discuss roles where there are similarities between the characters he plays)

American Sniper might be my favorite movie. It is such an intense film. This movie keeps you on your toes and unless you have read the book prior then, you know the general plot line. I really like Bradley Cooper’s work. He does a great job in this film and I have enjoyed most of the movies he has been. This movie is about war, love for country, and love for family. I really enjoy it and highly recommend this movie, it is a great watch.

The battle with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is very evident in this movie. In fact, the main character suffers (quite horribly actually, putting a dog in a choke hold at a family barbeque while home on leave) from it, his brain returns to a state that puts him in certain situations he encountered in war. While trying to concentrate on sniping, Chris would think back to times where he lost someone close to him in combat. While at home, Chris would think back to war and times where he was under heavy fire and trying to keep his infantry safe. Along with Chris Kyle, many people today suffer from PTSD and it is a major problem in war veterans from Vietnam. I can relate to this situation; my grandfather struggled with PTSD when he returned home from Vietnam. I was told stories, and I can see how and why PTSD is such a problem in today’s world. PTSD is also a mental illness and mental illness is a prevalent issue today. In another Bradley Cooper film, Silver Linings Playbook, Pat Solitano (Bradley Cooper) and Tiffany Maxwell (Jennifer Lawrence) both struggle with mental illness. In these two movies, mental illness is shown in two different ways. In American Sniper, mental illness (PTSD), is shown as the downfall of the character. On the other hand, in Silver Linings Playbook, mental illness brings two people closer and brings upon an uprising of two characters. Two different portrayals, two different outcomes, but both influential in their own unique and fascinating ways.