Inflatable Paddleboard — Why You Should Buy From This Store

“Keep calm and paddle on.”

Well, that’s what all paddle boarders try to do. But often but get disappointed when poor quality Paddleboards don’t float our boat. Having been frustrated by trying to use cheap paddle boards bought on ebay and Amazon, the makers of decided to make and sell their own range of boards that were top quality, but cheaper than the big brands through the website.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a regular or occasional paddler. But if you want a board, you should buy from McConks for the following reasons:

Technological edge — They use 3D CAD process and hydrodynamic modelling to design their boards that are suitable for all conditions.

Low environmental impact — The Inflatable Paddleboard bought from here have a low impact on the environment, compared to the high impact of epoxy and glass boards.

Affordable price — They brought a mid price range where the boarders can find first-rate paddle boards at a reasonable budget. Moreover, they offer boards of uncompromising quality.

Refund — If a buyer doesn’t feel satisfied with the kind of product, then he/she can return it within 28days and get their refund. That’s it. No questions asked.

Package — The packages available at the online store would feature an Inflatable SUP board, paddle, leash, carry bag and pump, which are reasonably priced altogether.

Another interesting fact about them — You can “personalize” your order with buying only the paddle board (if you’ve already got the accessories) and yet get discounts that no other website has or will offer.