A Journey to ML (I)

Do Not Feel Overwhelmed

When a new field comes into your sight there is a huge boost on your learning rate at the beginning. So many new terms, ways of thinking, ideas, all coming to you as the stars when you’re jumping into the hyperspace

I bought a couple of packs of note cards thinking they would be enough for my new journey into the space of Machine Learning only to find myself going to the stationery shop to get more note cards in different colours and sizes.

Soon my Pocket app was full with the websites (when there was any) of the most influential people in Machine Learning; my account of Twitter with lists of Artificial Intelligence experts, amateurs and people that just made jokes with it; and Data Scientists and robots because, why not? Let’s add Robots and self-driving cars and even toys to the equation.

And then arxiv.org. I couldn’t remember the last time I read so many papers.

Overwhelmed? Yes, but, you know, somehow, I was enjoying it. A L-O-T.

Anyway, I had to put some order in all this information. So I took the decision of getting the course by Andrew Ng in Coursera. And everything started to make sense… as I will try to show you in the following parts of this series

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