Credible? Not really

Today I will be observing whether or not Breitbart is a credible non-scholarly source for information. The article I chose, titled “President Trump Praises Exxon Mobil for Plan to Create 45,000 Jobs”, was posted to Breitbart by Warner Todd Huston on March 7, 2017. In the article, Huston talks about how Exxon Mobil’s 20 billion dollar investment in America over the next 10 years will provide jobs to over 45 thousand Americans. Huston also mentions that the average salary of workers will be around 100 thousand dollars.

After reading through the article and doing some fact checking, I have come to the conclusion that is not a credible source.

Here’s why:

1) To start, the author of the article (Huston) is not a credible writer. A basic google search of Huston’s name reveals that he’s an opinion based, free-lancer writer from Chicago (Publiusforum). Huston has also been quoted on saying he is an activist, not a journalist. There are no mentions about his college degrees or if he went to college at all. A website that allows for opinion based articles to be published cannot be credible source.

2) There’s no works cited or reference page. You can’t say a source is credible if you don’t cite the sources you’ve been using.

3) Huston uses his own writings as references in the article he writes. Every hyperlink on the page either leads to another Huston article or an article without an author. When a writer references either their own work or work from an unknown author, there is no credibility to the article.

4) The article is biased towards a pro Exxon investment plan. Huston uses quotes from Donald Trump’s twitter page to show how this investment is going to benefit the lives of many American workers. While it’s fantastic that Exxon Mobil is providing over 45 thousand people with jobs, the overstatement of how great this investment will be is a red flag. It seems as if Huston is trying to persuade his readers into thinking that there are no negative consequences correlated with the investment. He’s nitpicking eye-catching statistics and Donald Trump’s tweets to get other people excited about the plan as well.

5) The website Breitbart is home to many opinionated writers that skew the truth in order to connect with their fan base/readers. A lot of the work on the site is read and taken for the truth. One of the most famous instances of this was when Donald Trump thought his phones had been tapped because he read an article on Breitbart. Even though there was no evidence to support his claims, Trump assumed Breitbart was telling the truth without authenticating the story.

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