Topic Proposal

Growing up, I never really paid attention to politics. My developing brain couldn’t comprehend many of the terms used by politicians and I relied on my parents to explain everything going on in life. As I’ve grown with age, politics have become a pivotal part of my life. So far, the start of 2017 has been an interesting time in the world of politics. President Trump has signed a multitude of executive orders that has started a mini revolution. Throughout the U.S. Human Rights activists rallied to create massive protests to bring awareness to the xenophobic and heinous laws that President Trump imposed on the Muslim people. As everything was unfolding, I found it interesting to read into the president’s new laws and see how they were put into place. In these executive orders, Trump has signed politicians to many powerful cabinet positions in the White house. This has stirred up controversy whether or not Trump is actually the one calling the shots. I plan on writing about the new laws the president puts into place and deciding whether or not he actually came up with the law; as well as see how these laws affect the American population.

My idea for this subject came up one day when I saw the cover of TIME magazine the showed a picture of Steve Bannon titled: “The Great Manipulator”. In Andrew Rosenthal’s article “Donald Trump, Middle School President”, Rosenthal talks about Trumps lack of awareness when he signed Steve Bannon to the head of the Security Council in one of his latest executive orders. Apparently, President Trump wasn’t made aware that Bannon would be put into a position of power. A different article titled “‘Unbelievable Turmoil’: Trump’s First Month Leaves Washington Reeling”, written by Michael D. Shear, talks about all the protests created in the wake of President Trump’s executive orders. When the Muslim ban was first announced, it rocked the United States to its very core. Seeing how quickly the American people reacted to the president’s actions was an impressive feat to accomplish. It was also interesting to see long time differences between different parts of the country. In certain states, the culture has changed to be more understanding of different people and cultures. In the majority of other states, the culture has remained conservative and the people don’t accept different ways of life that differentiate from their own way of living. It was interesting to see the two ideals collide and fight against one another. Seeing people engage in discussion, (while some of it may not have been very professional), was crazy to me that everyone was voicing their opinions. Observing the publication reactions to President Trumps every move is an interesting social experiment.

In conclusion, I want to write about the president’s laws and discuss their implications in the real world. I also want to judge whether or not Trump is aware of the laws he’s putting into place, As a U.S. Citizen I need to know if my president is doing everything in his power to make us safe. I also want to keep an oversight on political turmoil going on within the county. I want to see where the tipping point is and when people will turn to violence rather than diplomacy. I think this topic will keep me busy for the next 4 years easily.