A Temporary Blindness

We do not see the world as it is. We see it in reflection. Trapped by our limited perception, we see through broken glass.

To quest for clarity is to grapple with illusion. To see the hidden truth and not be fooled by falsehood, is to distinguish oasis from mirage.

If I could have one wish (after the wish for peace), I would wish to see more clearly. To see impeccably. Inscrutably. Inexhaustibly. To see without judgment, preference, or opposition. To see with benevolence and compassion. To see, with the eyes of understanding. To view shortsightedness as a distortion in one’s vision (which eliminates the need to make it personal). To forgive a temporary blindness.

I want to see with astonishing acuity. To master the art of acumen like a sculptor brings a slab of stone to life. To translate vision into form. To shape a subject from the void and give it tangibility. And when the seer becomes the seen, I want to disappear in Beauty.

LBM 10/23/05

Autumn Reverie, Sudbury, MA
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