Belly of the Whale

Jonah emerged from the belly of the whale, a free man. Subdued, a little frightened, but miraculously intact. Happy to be whole, perhaps he threw his body to the ground, in gratitude. Perhaps he threw himself into the arms of his Redeemer.

Some experiences change your life forever. Some pain is so intense, you can’t imagine yourself without it. Some tunnels are so bleak, you swear you’ll never see the sun again. Some summits are so majestic, you never want to climb back down.

Sometimes the great jaws open, and you walk away unscathed. Sometimes you suffer, but you figure out how to heal. Sometimes you’re badly mangled, and just give up. It could be that you’re trapped so long, you start to suffocate. Your life becomes a sacrifice. A parable.

The hungry whale crunches your precious bones and God glides off the mountain to drag you out, then sets to work, knitting you back together.

LBM 7/14/06