Family Feud

Canada Goose family

Every year, this Canada Goose couple return to the Grist Mill Pond, and prepare a nest. Every year, William my territorial, testosteronal swan friend tries to banish them (the parents can get away by flying but the babies are in grave danger). Why do they forget? Why can’t they choose a safer place? I don’t know, but there’s only so much I can do to help them get away.

This morning I met the long awaited cygnets (in the dead of the night, I worried that William, who is getting on in years (I’ve known him 20 years and he was 3 or 4, i’m guessing, when I met him), may be infertile. His mate Bella is a young thing, and that would be sad for her. She left him once, after a “nesting incident” behind the restaurant. A fellow in a boat was out by the little island where she was brooding (no, it doesn’t mean “sad” in this case. It means sitting eggs, lol). I saw her leave the island, make a gut-wrenching series of cries, and fly away. I have no idea what happened. William was bereft (Bella is his 4th partner. Sophie, his first, was killed by a Coyote, as well as Angel, his third, as far as I can figure. I didn’t see it, thankfully. Lily, his second, was drowned, by the alpha bully swan who attacked a young female as I happened to be near by and I went into the brush and pulled him off her, stood in the water until she got away but I wasn’t there the day he went after Lily. We never saw her again. William grieves his partners are deeply as any one in love. I defy anyone to tell me animals don’t have feelings.

Here are the new cygnets. I like the little fellow dribbling. There’s always one special bond, and since no one else is looking at me here, this may be the one!

Bella and William’s new brood. I waited quite impatiently to finally meet them!

Stay safe, everyone, and be nice!

William after the gooses.
Father Goose on high alert
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