early morning summer dream, Lori B McCray

Healed by Grace

There are scars stronger than skin.
Wounds healed by grace.
Pain transfigured by compassion.

Hearts betrayed that trust again.
Slowly feeling their wobbly way,
held up by courage and a fierce
desire to live again.

All you need is an opening.
A window cracked, a door ajar,
for grace to enter.

A tiny shred of hope.
A dream, remembered.

Build your well faithfully, and it
will survive disaster. Dig down,
beyond the brackish water.
Where it turns clear and pure,
drink deeply.

Let all who thirst be welcomed.
Let the weary drink their fill.
Let all that is broken, mend.

This well, replenishing, endures

LBM 9/28/05

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