Heart of Love

I teach you not to hurt, which leaves you open to attack

by those less fortunate than you.

What will you do, when rough boys shove, and someone

wraps his hands around your precious neck? What will

protect you if you can’t strike back?

I guard your tender soul with the fierceness of a jungle

beast. Gone are the days when i could simply hold you

to my breast and kiss your silky hair and sing you lullabies.

I love this life; this time with you, before you sail away.

And when you’re gone, what will you take of me?

A charming smile? A winning way? A gentle touch?

Ten thousand angels could never sing a sweeter song

than you, my son. So sing and dance and run and play.

Your Joy will keep you safe. Your Love will lead the way.

LBM 2/3/95 (Scotty was choked in pre-school).

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