What if they knew they were loved?
Jonas Ellison

I do think it would help. If you grow up feeling like a worm beneath God’s heavy boot, it impacts your self esteem (pun intended). Jesus didn’t have an easy life. He didn’t own a fancy house and drive a fancy car. The perfect people with their heads in the clouds might be looking in the wrong direction. If I had a daughter, I would tell her how perfection is a myth. A trap. A mirage. And all her friends, trying to OutPerfect one another, are also caught in it. What if we are already perfect, and have forgotten? (i need coffee. Thanks for listening to my ramblings. Thanks for your always insightful thoughts. After coffee, I will no doubt think more on this topic! Oh, and thanks to your wife for her work with these girls. From someone who could have used her help, many moons ago).

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