On spiritual language
Jonas Ellison

I have transposed God with Love (or is it vice-versa? Nevermind, they’re synonymous) when thinking “God” would be an immediate closed door. If you don’t believe in God, surely you believe in Love? There’s a fierce atheist on a fluffy sweet bunny group i belong to (you must own a rabbit) and she gets really nasty about God this and that and rainbow bridges. Yet she does a very similar thing to people about rabbit diet. She threw the book at me when i titled a darling pic of my rabbits peeking out of a box, looking like they were to serve me “Got any banana ice cream left?” Went on a rant about dairy products (I’ve had rabbits nearly 20 years, I would NOT give them a lick of ice cream). It made me feel bad (i changed title to kissing booth). It made me not like her. It made me think she’s a hypocrite which made me feel badly. But she is doing to me what she despises. I didn’t call her on it. There’s a gentle way to use words, and even “God” can be a hammer to the head. Even delectable “Ice cream”. Thanks for listening! Thanks for sharing your thoughts (i personally feel Jesus loves it when we use his name tenderly).

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