Do You Know the Way to Namaste?
Louise Foerster

I will most certainly find and keep it, thanks Louise. Heavy reader made me chortle. I was reading this morning and found a new word. It doesn’t happen often and in my early morning musing (i wake withe birds) it seemed hubris to admit that but (i know you’re curious now) the word is ‘sidereal’ (my husband always asks for context, if i query him on meanings), the next word ‘space.’ So now i must look up definition for sidereal space. I still love looking things up. And I adore Yoga, but seem to hurt myself w/o knowing it at the time. My lovely teacher says i’m hyperflexible, which seems a compliment, until you push too far and the next day can’t get out of bed. So happy to have connected here! (in this sidereal space. lol) It’s a great title you’ve cleverly chosen ~ now i can’t get the San Jose song out of my head

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