Into the Light

Hidden, no one could see her beauty. Under cover of darkness, she could not shine. Was it grace, or love, or simply luck that saved her?

Lost in the brambles, in need of attention, too stubborn to be helped, I’d grown comfortable in darkness. Felt safer there. Light burned my eyes, and so much beauty made me weep.

Like a feral animal, I had to adjust to trusting. Slowly and painfully, I dropped my suspiciousness. In time, Light became my familiar. Each day, unfolding, a little less stressed, a little more productive, until today, I am at home in my own skin, not looking to be rescued.

There’s a peace in Light, I never found in darkness, but the silence in shadow brought its own healing. Steadily, steadfastly, they have learned to walk as friends. Joining hands on the journey, Shadow & Light find the strength, courage and hope, to make life beautiful.

LBM 5/21/16

Shadow&Light, Winter William
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