Bella, left, Jasmine between them, and William. She looked really bad. I was ready to intervene.

Jasmine looked really bad when i got there. I thought she was dead, but she moved. Bella was even more crazy protective than last time and stepped on Jasmine’s head, full body weight, which made me scream at her (later apologized). Jasmine was on her back, legs flailing like a bug, then only one moving slightly, then nothing. I was ready to be Bella bombed by picking Jasmine up and running, but again, it didn’t feel right. If she’s to die, she should die with her parents and if she does die, away from them, it will be worse for them, and they might well distrust my helpfulness. I stayed, and calmed everyone down (off the charts stress for both William&Bella. I couldn’t move w/o hissing and biting). Jasmine never ate, and stayed out of the water but she righted herself and scoots on her belly and found a rock to lean against, and spent the entire time preening, and making squeaky noises but not very often. William & Bella let me sit very close with my camera in my lap, and they preened, and in the end napped, while i told them how sorry I was that Jasmine was hurt, and what good parents they are, to protect her so well, and how we might need to help her get better, blah, blah, blah. And I told jasmine she needs to eat something. I brought some grass from home, growing in the Iris I know not why but it’s lovely, and I put it by the entrance of the water, and threw away the nasty poking pods that hurt like a *^&*^$#% if you step on them, and left some grains and lettuce in the water, and told them to stay safe. On the way out of the woods I cried. It’s my happy place, and it’s rare when it isn’t, but I’m sad for them. Praying for a miracle. God, if in your Infinite Wisdom you see fit to heal Jasmine, it would be a very sweet blessing indeed.

Jasmine, preening, Bella protecting. I am sitting right behind them. A miracle in itself. To trust me after I yelled at her. (and the baby is almost dead, and then to get squished? She is a scrapper, i tell you!) (Addendum: have just learned that if a parent feels the baby isn’t going to make it, they will step on its head to kill it. Oy).
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