Is it Spring Yet?

Took this in the car, after a long trek through the woods, and along the edges of the pond to get to Bella who was stranded on the ice (i love run on sentences. More than one English teacher gave me a hard time for it, which makes me love doing it all the more.) Really didn’t want to go out today, it’s crazy cold. It’s not the first time William and Bella lost track of each other. From where I was standing I could see him down at the other end of the pond, but Bella could not, and was frozen in on all sides. I kept calling to her as I made my way down to William (i hit a sinker, where the mud is like quicksand and pulls your leading leg under, and fast. You need to twist it and free it quickly or you’ll end up leaving your boots behind. Ask me how I know this? It’s all frozen and fine, until it isn’t, and there’s no way to tell until you’re in it up to your knees.) Anyway, William had found a bit of open water (he’s so clever) and I finally convinced Bella to get up off the ice and fly to him (they do know each other’s names). It was exhilarating. I’m glad I went. Swans can die out on the ice like that. So I fed them and had a little chat and made my way back, no sinking, but a stick in the eye. All part of the adventure. Thanks for listening. Have a beautiful day!

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