Remember Peace

I don’t want to be an agitator. I want the truth to ring out like a bell; clear on the winds which carry it. I don’t want to bring confusion. Dissension. We have been polarized so long we don’t know what Unity looks like. Start small. Imagine everyone deserves clean water. Enough food. Medical attention. Freedom from fear. Everyone is capable of laughter. Every one of us bleeds. The blood is everywhere, yet we look away. Say it isn’t our responsibility. It isn’t our fault. We didn’t start it. All might be true but we aren’t children at the playground. This is real life now, real blood and it must stop. Now, before we’ve gone too far and can’t scramble our way back.

Imagine we are One. Always have been, always will be. We want the same things, when you take away the “versus.” There is enough for everyone. Fear makes us believe in scarcity and greed wants only for itself. The time has come to join together as One People. One Heart. One Planet. Those who have other plans should band together in an un-peopled place and enjoy their fight for power, their killing over resources, their taking food from the mouths of their own mothers.

I refuse to give up on Peace. It seems a ridiculous dream, misguided and naive but we’ve tried all the other ways and none of them are beautiful. None of them ring true.

Give Peace a chance. Do it for the children. The innocents. For the Master of the Universe. For the World. Do it for your own bleeding heart, which remembers unity: the way you came into this world defenseless. Innocent and trusting. Peaceful. Remember Peace.

LBM 1/27/2017 In loving memory of John Lennon

William, reflecting
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