September Sky


William, my swan friend, loves me as I love him. He loves me without words, without confusion. He can be mean, but not to me, never to me. This, then, is what I’ve learned about loving my Self, from William: I can be mean, too, on occasion. I can be territorial and adversarial. But like the sparkling September sky, who I am at heart is vibrantly iridescent.

I don’t always understand my friend, but i trust him completely. I take what he gives me in context, and the context is always Love. He takes what I give him with such delight, it makes giving the sweetest pleasure.

William has shown me how forgiveness is a grace. An art form. A blessing. When we finally find one another, after an absence, he’s ruffled and snippy. But then he lets it all go, and that sparkling September sky warms everything it touches, and my heart rejoices to know such Beauty.

William has taught me to enjoy where I am standing, enjoy what I am seeing, enjoy the moment as I am in it, in all its fresh vitality.

When it seemed likely that William was gone forever, the brilliant September sky turned cloudy and cold. The blue became black as a Raven in shadow, and it was hard to remember hope.

William’s absence reminded me that I must carry his delight with me, and when I was fortunate enough to see his sweet face, returned to me unharmed, I fell in love again, with that dazzling September sky.

LBM 9/26/ 2013