The ignition of your mind
Jonas Ellison

Thanks Jonas. I’ve been wrestling with this, so your thoughts are timely (a man with a big ass camera took over my special time with William. I don’t own the swans, so this isn’t the part which bugged me. He wanted “the shot”. So before each shot, he whistled, to get William to turn and look. Not a sweet whistle. An annoying piercing whistle. About 50 times! I wanted to say, “I come here for peace, and this is not it”. I wanted to say, “just call his name.” But really, William is not a trained parrot or a puppy. If he wants to look he’ll look. Your job is to wait quietly and catch it. I might have educated him. But he had a big ass camera, which always intimidates me. lol. Still work to do. Thanks for listening. Letting this story go now.)

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