The Old Pine Tree is Gone

Here before us, towering above the others for all these years. Not dead, but beleaguered. Doodle is gone. William and Bella have gone. My sweet in-laws are gone. Loss is the loneliest of heart wrenchings. Like a toothache no one else can feel, you know exactly where it hurts but can’t explain it.

Love wants to follow what it has lost, but there’s a threshold which seems to separate what is now, and what has gone on from now. Of course Love wants it back, so it can Love it! Not in an imagining, but in the living, breathing present. Love, take me with you, when you go to see the loves I’ve lost. Show me I’m not alone, that Love is everywhere and always. Tell me again, how everything you Love becomes a part of you forever.

Light a candle for the Pine that’s gone, to make room for other things. Healthier, happier things. New things to add to the treasure chest of Love; the old beside the new, preserved forever in the soul’s memory.

LBM 8/29/17

Goodbye, old friend