Mutual decision making for couples from different cultures can be a real challenge. I’d been looking for an answer to this, a common base ground with which to discuss and decide upon the endless choices and decisions with which life’s journey unfolds. This short article shows how I might have found the answer. I’ve even used it in work for making holistic decisions for people and products. 🎉

Decision-making can be challenging

My wife is Japanese and I am Irish. I believe we have the same core philosophies in life and the same “heart” at some level, but as the mystic, Terrence McKenna refers…

Vrikshasana — Tree Position

In our Yoga Club and #yoga Slack channel at X-Team, during mid-April this year, we ran a 1-Week Workshop for Maintaining a Healthy Back and Spine. This workshop highlighted some of the causes of poor spinal health in office workers and how we can remedy it through changing habits and simple Yoga Asana techniques to make our back and ourselves strong and resistant, like a tree prepared to weather any storm.

Workshop Format

One Asana and one Suggestion per day

It will comprise suggestions to break old habits which will improve posture and the demonstration of Yoga Asana, techniques to foster lasting…

Sadhu (Holy man) sitting in meditation beside the Ganga

You can find many articles online on the benefits of meditation and, moreover, the increased benefits of same in the group environment. Benefits of group meditation include: a greater ability to develop a routine, the introduction and feedback are provided by the instructor, learning from each other through the various experience levels of other practitioners, greater power in numbers, and developing a common bond with your peers.

As we at X-Team are a remote company, a community of developers and individuals, spread out over all continents on the globe, it is not often we get to hold a group-anything, in…

As an aside from the main post: How to Create an Affordable and Dynamic Ergonomic Office, this post highlights some alternative kneeling chair options to the one I chose in that blog post (shown below also).

The below seemed like a good option, nice wooden parts with nice cushion, however I did not want the wheels, maybe somebody else does.

An option with metal parts, without wheels and a nice cushion.

A wooden version of the above.

I found this one from Amazon, but it is over $3,000 to order in Japan. …

This article came about after suffering from back trouble in 2013–2014, specifically Sciatica, due to a restrictive Psoas muscle. The Psoas muscle is deeply routed and connected to physical, emotional and spiritual well being. More about the Psoas in a future post.

Back trouble stemming from the Psoas muscle affected me greatly at that time and was worsened by sitting at a desk for work. This motivated me, as a yoga instructor, to find the root cause.

For now, we can say that in plain terms, back problems are not only a physical problem, but certainly can be worsened by…

In Part 3 of this series we looked at contributing back to open source communities and in particular, the various Elm packages for the case study project: the yoga website.

For this final post in the series we will take a look at some of the Future Improvements applicable for the project, I will show the current Live Release of the website and the outline some Conclusions on ElmLang as a path for up-skilling.

Future Improvements

SPAs on GitHub pages

I chose GitHub to host the yoga site, as it is free and directly connected to the master branch in the repository.

However, there is a…

In Part 2 of this series, we looked at starting an Elm project and how essential items like routing and theming were thought about and addressed before starting the project.

In this part we will look at the open source contribution possibilities came up during the project, how unknowns were discussed with the Elm community and how certain items were selected for contributing back.

Example Contributions

PR: Added routing package Bogdanp/elm-route — Brunch w/ Elm

When mathieul/brunch-with-elm-bootstrap repo was found it seemed like a perfect start, but did not have the necessary routing required for the yoga site. …

Paul McCrodden

Shivam Yoga Instructor @AhimsaYogaJP and Product Owner @XTeam

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