Ergonomic Office: Kneeling Chairs

As an aside from the main post: How to Create an Affordable and Dynamic Ergonomic Office, this post highlights some alternative kneeling chair options to the one I chose in that blog post (shown below also).

The below seemed like a good option, nice wooden parts with nice cushion, however I did not want the wheels, maybe somebody else does.

An option with metal parts, without wheels and a nice cushion.

A wooden version of the above.

I found this one from Amazon, but it is over $3,000 to order in Japan. It is interesting, has good reviews, but perhaps a bit over the top.

I’m sure there are many others, so worth doing some research as always before choosing. Good luck!

Paul McCrodden is a Shivam Yoga Instructor @ Ahimsa — Shivam Yoga Center and Developer at X-Team.