I noticed there are a lot of articles on how to make a successful affiliate-link blog, and not enough articles on how not to make a successful affiliate-link blog. In this post I am going to outline exactly how to do just that.

I like to experiment with web things, especially web things that have the possibility of another source of income. …

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A recent challenge I faced was getting an SVG of a dotted vertical trail to animate, and it needed to be ran when the SVG was scrolled into view. Two options are:

a. Fade in the entire SVG (which kind of sucks)
b. Fade in each element one at a time, when one stops the next begins (which does not kind of suck)

We should go with b.

Get the SVG in order

First thing you will want to do is get the elements that belong to your SVG in the order that you want them to animate. Sometimes when you have a file with many elements in programs like Illustrator it is hard to keep track of each one, and the order in which they are laid out in the layers panel is important to how the elements are ordered when the vector is exported. You can either re-order them in Illustrator or manually rearrange the elements inside the SVG file using your code editor. …

When you visit your limit of monthly Medium articles the website will yell at you and ask you to subscribe. I do not feel like I would get my money’s worth, so I choose not to pay. This isn’t because I’m cheap; it’s because I end up looking at the pictures, ignoring the whole article, and then closing the page. But for a lot of these sites, if I hit the paywall and actually wanted to read the article, it’s probably still available under all the permanent pop ups.

So far I have counted 4 well-known subscription-based news websites that accidentally allows users to get around the paywall. I’m not sure if this is something that is well known, so I’m going to leave the names of the news outlets out of this article. Also, the devs that built these sites with this issue, I do not think the average user is this clever so I do not blame you for overlooking this. Honestly, I probably would have done this too until someone pointed it out. …


Chris McCullough

Am dad and also dev

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