Google is slowing down your Chromebook overtime: here’s proof.

Over the past year, I have been using a Google Chromebook 14 by HP. It’s been fine but I’ve noticed it’s gotten slower, and slower, and sloooowwwer…

I decided to investigate because it shouldn’t take almost a minute to load a website.

I tried clearing my cache, cookies, and browsing data. That made the time about 40 seconds but that’s still not what should be happening.

So I thought maybe my WiFi was acting up, nope. I even checked my WiFi speed and it was great.

I contacted Google about the issue and they basically told me to clear my browsing data (cookies, cache, history) I had already done that and realized “Why would Google admit they’re slowing down their laptops?”

This is similar to what happened where Apple slowed down older devices except this isn’t Apple, this is Google.

I decided to run an experiment. I thought it would be a good idea to keep track of how long it takes for a page to load twice a month.

Before I would begin my test each month, I would clear the browsing data and try to load 5 different sites and average their loading times. (,,, and a simple google search of “will the speed be good now”)

Now time to share my results. I recorded data the 1st of each month and the 15th of each month. These results are pretty shocking.

September 1st: 35 seconds

September: 15th: 36.7 seconds

— — — — — —

October 1st: 40 seconds

October 15th: 41.3 seconds

— — — — — —

November 1st: 46 seconds

November 15th: 47.8 seconds

— — — — — —

As you can see, the loading time went up just a little bit each time. I stuck to my rule of clearing the browsing data of the Chromebook before I recorded data each time.

Bottom line is, don’t expect for your Chromebook to last too long with that good, fun and fast feeling. It’ll slow down eventually. Also, just want to point out the battery was never a problem, there’s still good battery life like it’s new.