Blue Sky Ideation

Individual Idea Generation


New Warm-Up Game

My new warm up game was a paper airplane contest. Sheets of paper and markers were provided, and the instructions were ‘have fun with it’. I told people that we were going for distance, but there could also be a style component. After everyone had completed their airplanes, we headed up to the balcony to let them fly. It was silly and a good opener that got people comfortable and laughing.

Results of the paper airplanes

Session Organization

For my session, I got 7 additional people to come brainstorm this past Saturday morning in the Rapson courtyard. . I had a variety of backgrounds, although due to the extent of my resources they were almost all college students. However, I had people from 3 different colleges, people who came from design backgrounds and people who don’t, one non-college student, and everyone had a varying level of interests in biking. I had Parker, Isaiah, Lauren, Danielle, Kyrie, Jayden, and Tom helping me out with idea generation. We started with the airplane game to get everyone engaged and comfortable, especially since many of them didn’t know each other. Then we dived into idea generation-

People were very involved, but it was a tough subject so ideas were slow coming. However, everyone participated. It helped when I introduced some twits (as we did in class), but led to some pretty wacky ideas. Overall, it was a good group brainstorming, despite the slowness of idea generation.

We spent 30 minuted generating ideas. Out total number of ideas was 87, putting our IPM at 2.9. This isn’t great, but it was also a pretty specific topic, making it a little more difficult.

The group

Sorting and Voting

Then we all got up and silent sorted the ideas.

We ended up with the following categories: goes on in-between areas on bike, wheel related, bins, holding for specific things, and food related.

Top Ideas

Timeline: Before Friday, do individual idea generation and warm up game, and come up with ‘How might we statements’ and be prepared for brainstorming session.

Saturday: host brainstorming session at 11am @ Rapson

Sunday: Unpack ideas, find best ones

Monday/Tuesday: Finalize final ideas, create blog post